HELP PLEASE! New update issue: VoiceIn does not work in multiple windows

Hi, Anil

Could you undo the update you did where now the voice in becomes a pinned tab?

This has become a headache, man.

I use multiple windows. For example, I even installed my note taking app as a separate window to be pinned on my taskbar. But since the extension started to work on the same window you activate the tab, I cannot dictate on a separate window. And I use it VoiceIn a lot, a lot, a lot. That’s why I decided to pay for the life subscription.

It would be great if the extension could work in the background for any Chrome window or tab you choose. It was perfect and practical before.

So, please consider undoing this update. Your extension is supposed to make life easier and our work more productive. Now I have to spend time reorganizing my tabs to make the extension work in the specific one I need.

VoiceIn is the best Chrome extension I’ve ever used in my life. Thank you so much for creating it. Keep doing this great work.

Thank you.