Issue on Ebay: cursor moving to top of the page during dictation

The cursor keeps on moving back to the very first line at the top of the page in the middle of a dictation. Both words and punctuation are being placed at the top of the listing page instead of on the line where the rest of the text appears. This issue appears to be random, yet frequent. Please help!

Hi Mel,

We are investigating the issue on eBay. We will likely have a resolution for this by the end of this week.

Hello Anil, I contacted you 20 days ago, and have not heard back about any possible solutions to this issue. Please advise as I am not able to use this app at all, and I bought the Lifetime version. It started suddenly and it has never worked properly since.

Hey, I’m not sure if you guys are working on it, but it’s now working properly. I hope it stays this way. So far so good. I’m thrilled! Thank you!

Hi Mel,

We made a small change to better support The update is pending for review on the Chrome Web Store and should roll out shortly.