No automatically question marks, commas in Polish language on EDGE

From couple days VoiceIn doesn’t insert automatically in sentences question marks and commas… i use it since couple years and it works fine. From couple days it doesn’t.There are Only dots At the end of the sentences… also does not detect that a given sentence is a question… Instead of question marks, he puts dots everywhere. I don’t want to say a “question mark or a comma” to insert it into the sentence, it worked before, it was inserted automatically where needed. Please do something with this.

Hi Naberrie,

On your Edge browser, go to the Voice In Options page

In the Text Transforms section, you will find a setting “Enable auto-punctuation (Microsoft Edge only).” Enable this to auto-add punctuation.

I know that part of your customers are dull. But I’m not. I have it this option enable from years and it worked fine till you made it some updates

I see problems from couple of weeks when activate voice in and showed in the upper right corner the selected language in shortcut PL there where no problems and bugs.

From the moment i see instead “PL” POLISH in the corner the auto punctuainton don’t work as should. It only add dots on the end of the senteces… no commas and don’t detect questions sentences when I ‘speak’ to the computer… There is some issue…

When I dictate

clearly for example: What’s your name? Voice in don’t add question mark at the end of sentence, so the sentence looks: "What’s your name. " not as should “What’s your name?”

The same thing with commas for example:

I love pizza, spaghetti, hot dogs. - The sentence should looks like this when I dictate

I love pizza spaghetti hot dogs. - NO COMMAS ONLY DOT on the end of the sentence.

It really works perfect couple weeks ago…

Please try to fix it, it’s very irritating to work now with your product.

I will be grateful :slight_smile:

From the moment when i see POLISH instead of PL when Voice IN is activated there is the problem that i discribed


I tried uninstall and install it several times and
It didn’t changed anything.

Are you finally going to do something about it? :slight_smile:

Hi Naberrie,

Voice In uses Edge’s speech-to-text engine which now no longer returns punctuations in the middle of a sentence.

This has always been the case in Chrome for all languages and on Edge for English.

There is nothing we can do about this.