Premium for all or each app has it's own? And is there android version of this app?

Hello, as title say, do i need to pay premium for each app separately?

Hi Neonixes,

We offer two products: Voice In and Dictanote.

Voice In is a Chrome extension that lets you use voice to type on over 10,000 websites in 50+ languages. Voice In transcribes your speech to text in real-time. You can use it to type emails in Gmail, enter data into Teladoc, write blogs in WordPress, etc. You can find more details at Voice In - #1 Speech To Text Extension for Chrome.

Dictanote is a note-taking app with built-in voice-to-text integration.
Dictanote also includes Audio Scribe, our new AI writing assistant. Audio Scribe converts your voice notes into clearly summarized text. Learn more at Audio Scribe - Smart AI Writing Assistant

Voice In Plus is the upgrade for Voice In. Dictanote Pro is the upgrade for Dictanote.

Dictanote works on Android, see Download - Dictanote
Voice In doesn’t work on Android as it is a chrome extension :slight_smile: