Punctuation not working in Spanish


I really love this application. I am using it to outline academic papers, having WhatsApp conversations, even writing emails.

I am even using it to write this particular Forum post. And in English punctuation works, but it does not seem to work in Spanish which is the language I usually use.

Saying the words ‘coma’, ‘punto’, ‘dos puntos’, etc writes the words as written here by hand, instead of inserting the correct punctuation.

Is this a known issue? Any way I can correct it?

Thank you very much for this amazing tool

Hi Jaume,

We are working on fix this issue.
We should have a fix out by the end of this week.

This issue should be fixed now with version 4.2
Restart your browser to pick up the latest version.

Hello there

I’m experiencing the same issue in Danish.

None of the voice commands seem to register as commands.

The command it self is written out in text perfect though - fx “komma” (,) and “større end” (>)

The punctuation bug has been fixed in v4.3.
Please restart your browser to pick up the latest version.

Seems to work now!

Thanks a lot!


Hello, there is the same issue with polish language now… Voice In do only dots, NO QUESTION MARKS AND COMMAS… Can you fix it too?

Please see voice commands available in Polish at Polski Speech Recognition Commands - Voice In